1. Purpose
The purpose of the Coating Research Association Japan (CRA) is to provide opportunity to discuss scientific/technological issues on liquid thin film coating for researchers and engineers in different industries and different fields, and to contribute progress of coating science and technology.
2. Foundation
The Association has been established as one of the special research groups authorized by the Society of Chemical Engineers Japan since 1988.
3. Membership
The members of the Association shall consist of registered persons, four members from one company/university in maximum. The members shall have responsibility to attend the regular meeting and to serve as a speaker. Substitute attendance/speaker shall be permitted at the meeting.
4. Board of directors
The business of the Association shall be managed under the direction of the Board of Directors. The number of Directors shall be around 10.
5. Term
The term of  Directors shall be 10 years. and they may be re-elected every 2 years. Directors shall be elected by the board of directors based on their contribution to the Association/academia, or their recognitions as leaders in each industry.
6. Managing company for regular meeting
Two managing companies shall have responsibly to organize the regular meeting. The companies are elected by the board of directors, one from the eastern region and other from the western. The company should have more than two CRA members.
7. Other managements/organizers
The managers of the symposium/camp shall be elected by the board of directors at any time as needed.
8. Honorary membership
The member serving over 10 years shall be a honorary member when he/she takes turn in the same company. The honorary membership should be approved by the board of directors. The honorary members can participate the meeting when they pay the fee, without paying the annual membership fee or having the responsibility to serve as a speaker.
9. Membership fee
The member should pay the membership fee (10,000 Yen/year). Members from universities are released from the payment. The membership fee shall be used for regular meetings/publications, not for voluntary meetings/symposia.
Approved and updated Mar 22/2019 Chair H. KOBAYASHI