No. Researcher Organization Nation Research Interests E-Mail address  
1 Sacide Alsoy Altinkaya Izmir Institute of Technology Turque Drying sacidealsoy<at> HP
2 Kyung Hyun Ahn Seoul National University Korea Rheology
ahnnet<at> HP
3 Terry Blake Consultant-wetting UK Dynamic wetting terrydblake<at> HP
4 Patrick Bourgin Ecole Centrale de Lyon France - patrick.bourgin<at> HP
5 Hadj Benkreira University of Bradford UK Coating processes
Dynamic wetting
Polymer processing
H.Benkreira<at> HP
6 Douglas W. Bousfield University of Maine USA Fluid mechanics
Coating processes
bousfld<at> HP
7 Jean-Marie Buchlin Von Karman Institute Belgium Multiphase flows
Coating techniques by liquid films
buchlin<at> HP
8 Richard Cairncross Drexel University USA Biodiesel Production
Waste to Energy Systems
cairncross<at> HP
9 Marcio Carvalho PUC-Rio Brazil Microscale Free Surface Flows of Complex Liquids msc<at> HP
10 Toshiharu Enomae University of Tsukuba Japan Paper t<at> HP
11 Lorraine Francis University of Minnesota USA Coating Materials and Applications
Coating Process Fundamentals
Printed Electronics
lfrancis<at> HP
12 Marc Fermigier University of Paris France Interfacial flows
marc.fermigier<at> HP
13 Masahiro Fujita Josai University Japan Fluid Dynamics
fujita<at> HP
14 Philip H Gaskell Durham University UK Fluid Dynamics p.h.gaskell<at> HP
15 Andy Hrymak Western University Canada Canada Complex rheology hrymak<at> HP
16 Brian G. Higgins UC Davis USA Hydrodynamics of Spin Coating
Optical Coatings
Flow Separation in Thin Film Coatings
bghiggins<at> HP
17 Hyun Wook Jung Korea University Korea Dynamics and stability of coating processes
Drying of particulate suspension systems
hwjung<at> HP
18 Yoshiyuki Komoda Kobe University Japan Rheology
komoda<at> HP
19 Nik Kapur University of Leeds UK Coating processes
Porous and  microscale  flows
n.kapur<at> HP
20 Satish Kumar University of Minnesota USA Colloid and interface science
kumar030<at> HP
21 Ta-Jo Liu National Tsing Hua University Taiwan Coating processes tjliu<at> HP
22 Laurent Limat University of Paris Diderot France Hydrodynamics
Wetting and Non-Wetting
laurent.limat<at> HP
23 Kenneth Ruschak Rochester Institute of Technology USA Coating processes
Dispersions and their rheological behavior
kjreng<at> HP
24 Wilhelm Schabel Karlsruhe University Germany Drying wilhelm.schabel<at> HP
25 P. Randall Schunk Sandia National Labs USA Computational fluid mechanics
Polymer processing and coating flows
prschun<at> HP
26 Yulii D. Shikhmurzaev University of Birmingham UK Fluid mechanics
Free-boundary problems
Capillary flows
yulii<at> HP
27 Harvey Thompson University of Leeds UK Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Optimization of laminar and turbulent flows. 
h.m.thompson<at> HP
28 Madhu Vinjamur India Institute of Technology Bombay India Drying madhu<at> HP
29 Steve Weinstein Rochester Institute of Technology USA Coating processes
Dispersions and their rheological behavior
steven.weinstein<at> HP
30 Stephen Wilson University of Strathclyde UK Fluid mechanics s.k.wilson<at> HP
31 Masato Yamamura Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan Coating process
yamamura<at> HP
32 Jaewook Nam Sungkyunkwan University Korea Coating process
Complex fluid flow 

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